No false modesty: We at GKN Sinter Metals are at the forefront of trends and innovation. We have a clear vision of what’s to come – and we’d like to share and discuss our points of view, ideas, plans and achievements with you.


Rapid prototyping enabled by Additive Manufacturing, high-density storage of hydrogen in metal hydride tanks: the team at GKN Sinter Metals is bringing game-changing technologies to life. We’ll keep you updated on the latest trends and applications.

Behind the Scenes

People – Products – Processes. We’ll take you behind the scenes of these three main pillars of GKN Sinter Metals and give you insights into our way of creating innovations – always from a very personal perspective.


Ralf Radschun

Electrification, Hydrogen Storage, Industry 4.0, and Global Small Segment

Having joined GKN Sinter Metals in May 2017, I quickly realized that innovation and developing fast are of true value for this company.

This company is different than most: innovation and forward thinking is a mindset that is visible every day. Our customer-focused teams are keen to find better and more sustainable solutions for the markets we compete in each day. Our process-oriented teams keep pushing our Industry 4.0 agenda and digitization with high energy.

I am Ralf Radschun, Marketing Manager for our global small segment and I’m looking forward to sharing some of this interesting and permanently evolving innovation news stream with you. I studied Industrial Engineering and Management and PR management, and have gained extensive marketing and communication experience in several industries.

Within the GKN Sinter Metals editorial team, I will take a special focus on electrification, hydrogen storage and Industry 4.0.

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