No false modesty: We at GKN Sinter Metals are at the forefront of trends and innovation. We have a clear vision of what’s to come – and we’d like to share and discuss our points of view, ideas, plans and achievements with you.


Rapid prototyping enabled by Additive Manufacturing, high-density storage of hydrogen in metal hydride tanks: the team at GKN Sinter Metals is bringing game-changing technologies to life. We’ll keep you updated on the latest trends and applications.

Behind the Scenes

People – Products – Processes. We’ll take you behind the scenes of these three main pillars of GKN Sinter Metals and give you insights into our way of creating innovations – always from a very personal perspective.


Kayla Varicalli

External communication, light-weight technology and global large segment

To be innovative, a company needs a mindset of “how do we make the ‘best’ even better?”

Joining GKN’s marketing team in 2017, I see the Innovation Blog as a platform for growth in powder metals conversations and the creativity of our company coming to life. This blog is a space for our brightest minds to share, collaborate, and inform our audiences on the news and insights of GKN’s greatest ventures.

I am Kayla Varicalli, the Marketing Manager who is responsible for external marketing, lightweight technology and our global large segment. Beyond the title, my responsibility is to connect GKN’s innovative technology to the consumers who use our products each and every day. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism from Oakland University.

As a sharer of stories, I am excited to see the Innovation Blog evolve into an innovative tool for creativity and collaboration. Here’s to the future of powder metals, and the stories worth sharing!

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Q&A: The driving forces behind GKN’s Aluminum MMC material

“There’s no better solution.”


An environmental commitment: GKN completes Strategic Energy Management Program

With a strong commitment to reducing environmental impact, a GKN Sinter Metals facility has completed the Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Program – improving the location’s electric efficiency...


How GKN brings lightweight technology to Industrial applications

When the market thinks lightweight technology, it thinks value and efficiency, then mass reduction. After strong success with lightweighting in the automotive industry, we’re pushing our...


Preview: GKN to bring powder metal expertise to AHR Expo

In 2017, GKN Powder Metallurgy reinforced its commitment to supporting markets outside the automotive industry. As an initiative to strive for collaboration with customers in other industries, GKN...


GKN's One Way Clutch versatility provides custom-designed solutions

From mechanical locking to selectable assemblies and the variations in between, One Way Clutch (OWC) Assemblies have continued to evolve for torque converter needs. GKN Sinter Metals has continued...


Q&A: GKN supports markets outside automotive industry

Growth. Integration. Innovation. A strong Powder Metallurgy success story in the automotive industry has expanded GKN's drive for collaboration into additional markets. An unparalleled advantage...


Nexteer Automotive recognizes GKN with Perfect Quality Award

GKN Sinter Metals has received the Perfect Quality Award from Nexteer Automotive, adding to the numerous customer awards given to the team in 2017. The award was presented to our Salem, Indiana...


Steel vs. Aluminum: GKN supplies customized transmission carriers

Due to the industry’s increasing CO2 reduction requirements, automakers have developed higher speed transmissions. Eight-, Nine- and 10-speed transmissions are becoming the automatic transmission...


How we work: Collaboration with top tech talent

A traditional manufacturing company may seem out of place in the technology hub of Silicon Valley, but GKN fits right in while joining forces with RocketSpace and global start-up companies.


GKN joins innovative partnership to progress future

As industries move toward electrification and hybridization, GKN partners with organizations like Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) to keep a progressive edge on the future market.


GKN builds on ‘Innovation Culture’ through partnership with RocketSpace

It’s all about innovation: GKN Sinter Metals has partnered with RocketSpace, a global network of services and technology campuses, to improve the Smart Quality system.